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Spin The Bottle
Spin The Bottle

Comedy, Music



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When Rats (Michael McElhatton) finds himself once again released from prison, his return to the family home doesn't go smoothly. The money painstakingly saved to send his aunt to Lourdes, in the hopes of finding a miracle cure for terminal obesity, is stolen. So Rats embarks on a series of hilarious and failed attempts to replace the stolen money, until he realizes his best bet is to use his only worthwhile 'weapon' - his musical genius. Teaming up with faithful sidekicks Tommo (Peter McDonald) and Brainer (Donal O'Kelly), he reforms his band, the superb Spermdotcom, to raise back the cash, and pick up a bit of rock-star glory along the way.
Themes City life , Friendship , Music , Unemployment
Year of production 2003
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Spin The Bottle