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by Woody Allen (2005)

Comedy, Romance


United States

Running time


American journalism student, Sondra Pransky (Scarlett Johansson), who is visiting friends in London, gets 'volunteered' during a stage performance by touring American magician, Sid Waterman, aka 'Splendini' (Woody Allen). In the magic casket, Sondra is shocked to see deceased U.K. journalist, Joe Strombel (Ian McShane). From beyond, he gives her the scoop of a lifetime with leads to the identity of the 'Tarot Card Killer' stalking London prostitutes. Sondra starts chasing the big story, enlisting the help of a reluctant Splendini. The chase leads to handsome British aristocrat, Peter Lyman (Hugh Jackman), and Sondra finds that the romance of her life may well be the scoop she's looking for.
Themes Crime , Deception , Love , Mystery , Romance
Year of production 2005
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