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Pyjama Girls




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It’s a phenomenon that began in Dublin and spread far and wide. Yet the girls who wear pyjamas as daywear, all day everyday, aren’t interested in grabbing attention. With many tender and often hilarious moments, Pyjama Girls traces the explosive micro-dramas of teenage life against the bleak backdrop of Dublin’s inner-city flats. This acclaimed Irish documentary focuses on the lives of two charismatic innercity Dublin teens, Lauren and Tara. Lauren’s future hangs in the balance as she regularly takes part in street violence with rival teen gangs and faces expulsion from school. Over the course of the film we learn about the challenges that life throws her - from her estranged relationship with her troubled mother to the disruptive world of the flats - and understand the crucial importance of her friendship with Tara.
Themes City life , Family , Friendship , Ireland , Teenage
Year of production 2010
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Pyjama Girls