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Gail and Ben have it all, successful careers, a beautiful house, lots of vacations and an amazing nanny for their daughter, Mali. However behind the façade, bad investments have made the family resentful and just about broke. At the centre of this drama is Mali's young lesbian Mexican nanny, Margarita. Unknown to her employers, Margarita has been working for the family illegally for the past six years but despite all this she is passionate, resourceful and devoted. Although life is not all work for Margarita, shy student Jane is clearly in love with her but is hesitant to bring their relationship out from the closet. When Gail and Ben decide that the best way for them to save money is by firing Margarita they set off a chain of events that leads to her deportation. The well-meaning couple, now desperate for Margarita to stay in the country, come up with a scheme to keep her around. But on the eve of her departure, Jane arrives with one proposition that changes everything.
Themes Friendship , Gay/Lesbian , Money , Unemployment
Year of production 2012
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