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by Les Blair (2001)




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'H3' is a universal story of endurance and courage set inside Europe's most secure prison, the Maze prison in Northern Ireland. Here, in H3 - the bleakest of all the H-blocks - a group of young republican prisoners hold out for what they believe in, refusing to be labeled as criminals or co-operate with prison authorities. They immediately start a 'no-wash' protest, refusing to wear prison-issue clothes or perform work duties, a protest which results in their being locked in their cells for hours on end without exercise, recreation, reading materials and with only blankets to wear for heat. After four years on this protest, morale is at an all time low and everyone knows that something desperate is called for to break the deadlock. As each prisoner is forced to confront his own demons, the film shows us the triumph of humanity, friendship, loyalty and courage over the prison administration's crude efforts to break their will.
Themes Death , History , IRA , Northern Ireland , Peace , Politics , Prison
Year of production 2001
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