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The Neon Demon

by Nicolas Winding Refn


by Paddy Breathnach

Almost Holy

by Steve Hoover

The Clan

by Pablo Trapero

Valley of Love

by Guillaume Nicloux

Things to Come

by Mia Hansen-Løve

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Larger Than Life

Real life stories have always been an endless source of inspiration to storytellers and films portraying people who lived among us prove to be as gripping as fiction. This collection focuses on biographies of the famous artists, common people who accomplished extraordinary things and a chimpanzee.

Tour de Ireland

In Ireland, we often complain about rain, wind, cold, you name it, however, the one thing we cannot complain about is a shortage of scenic locations. No wonder, after shooting Star Wars: The Force Awakens on Skellig islands, Disney is coming back to film the next episode in Kerry, Donegal and Cork. Yet, there’s a wealth of indigenous production that faithfully evoke Ireland’s breath-taking and picturesque landscape.


Coming-of-Age Collection

Initiation into adulthood has been broadly explored in literature and film and is probably one of these subjects that most of us can relate to. This collection of films explores the uniqueness as well as alikeness of growing up in various parts of the world at different periods of time.