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  • Nymphomaniac: Volume I

    Flawed and occasionally ridiculous, this is nevertheless a wonderful film

  • Nymphomaniac: Volume II

    So good I want to see the full five and a half hour version

  • The Ballroom

    Make yourself a capirinha and prepare to dance. A hot sweaty gossipy night in Brazil. A killer soundtrack. Too much to enjoy here. Samba baby!

  • Nymphomaniac: Volume I

    Compelling, shocking, disturbing and hilarious! I was worried that Von Trier was going to sell out in the final scene. I needn't have worried. I howled with laughter! My favourite: the dialogue between the two gentlemen pictured above filmed at (ahem) waist level. See it!

  • A Magnificent Haunting

    Nicely played and warm. I like this one a whole bunch. A little bit Pedro Almovdovar but not as over-the-top. My favourite line: 'Pietro, you need to get laid. Man or Woman I don't care!' 'Jesus Maria I've enough trouble being gay without trying to be straight as well!


Most Watched

  • 1


    directed by David Gordon Green
  • 2

    I Am Divine

    directed by Jeffrey Schwarz
  • 3

    Who is Dayani Cristal?

    directed by Marc Silver
  • 4

    Ping Pong

    directed by Anson Hartford, Hugh Hartford
  • 5

    Le Week-End

    directed by Roger Michell

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  • Five Great Sports Documentaries

    To coincide with the inclusion of the stunning documentary The Crash Reel to Volta's wild catalogue of sports movies, Joe Burke picks five other sports documentaries that overwhelm, even if you don't know a trampoline from a tiddliewink...

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  • The Kids are Alright - What Maisie Knew

    Now available on Volta, What Maisie Knew is a captivating look at a dysfunctional relationship from the perspective of Maisie (Onata Aprile), a preschool child. The film boasts not only great acting by established stars Julianne Moore, Steve Coogan and Alexander Skarsgård, but also a beautifully unaffected performance from little Onata Aprile, whose naturalism and vulnerability make us want to reach into the screen to protect her from her selfish, squabbling parents.

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  • A Beginner's Guide to Loving Musicals

    Call us idealistic but we're willing to wager there are a lot of you out there who THINK you hate musicals, when in reality you could be brought around to them if given the right instruction...maybe.

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  • Now That's What I Call Mathematics

    With the recent addition of Peter Greenaway's Drowning By Numberswe've been thinking about mathematics in film. Number-counting, game rules repititions form the structure of the film to a large extent. Throughout the film the numbers 1 to 100 appear in order and are fun to spot, sometimes visually and sometimes spoken by the characters. Here's a look at some other cinematic gems that utilise numbers for our viewing pleasure.

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  • Tim Hetherington: Something Worth Watching

    A look at the tragic photojournalist and director of Restrepo, Tim Hetherington.

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