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  • Frank

    Having just re-watched 'Frank' for the 3rd time, it is, as of right now, my favorite film of 2014. I highly recommend it!

  • Two Days, One Night

    Incredibly moving film! Marion Cotillard is wonderful.

  • Frank

    For anyone in Ireland (or Europe with the spare cash for a short plane ride) the sound team from ‘Frank’ are giving a workshop specific to the film at The Fingal Film Festival. I have been volunteering with this group for 6 months so of course I’m biased, but for any filmmaker with an interest in this movie I have no doubt its going to be a great experience. http://fingalfilmfest.com/schedule-2014/workshop-saturday-27th-september/

  • Two Days, One Night

    Great movie and great performance! It tugs at heartstrings without being unduly sentimental.

  • Joe

    Excellent movie! It deals with brutality and harshness of its characters life’s in an extremely tender and compassionate manner.


Most Watched

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    directed by Pawel Pawlikowski
  • 2


    directed by Lenny Abrahamson
  • 3

    Two Days, One Night

    directed by Jean-Pierre Dardenne, Luc Dardenne
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    directed by John Michael McDonagh
  • 5


    directed by Hong Khaou

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  • It’s Nun Time

    While watching Ida, the beautiful polish film about an orphaned woman waiting to take her vows who decides to uncover the truth about her troubled family, I started thinking about top cinematic nuns, the real genre defining nuns (the nun genre, sub genre of religious films that is) Hollywood nuns fall into roughly four categories, four sub genres of the nun genre. There are beautiful gentle little birds, singing and dancing rebels, sick sadistic villains and men. I have trawled through these genres and picked some of the top nuns in each category to create the superstar list of mega star nuns. 

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  • Five Best Movie Foot Chases

    The foot chase is a staple of thrillers since the dawn of cinema. While admiring the particularly thrilling foot chase in Omar, Joe Burke takes a look at some other admirable foot chases in cinema.

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  • Omar, and a Palestinian cinema for Palestinian People

    Stephen Murphy takes a look at Omar and the history of Palestinian cinema.

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  • Jimmy's Hall and Leftist Cinema's Last Hurrah

    The struggle between Jimmy Gralton and the Catholic Church as represented in Jimmy's Hall is similar to other conflicts portrayed in cinema between the forces of "left" ideals - such as communism and socialism - and those who represent theocracy or capitalism.  But almost 100 years after the Russian revolution, which instigated one of the most concerted and explicitly leftist movements in cinema history, is this kind of people power now becoming unrealistic? Or was it always unrealistic and now we're getting too much information through the internet to continue believing in it?

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