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The Lobster

by Yorgos Lanthimos

After Love

by Joachim Lafosse


by Alexandre Sokourov


by Sean Ellis


by Paddy Breathnach

Things to Come

by Mia Hansen-Løve

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The Best Feature Films of 2016
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That Irish sense of humour...

Unique to this small island, the Irish sense of humour is as cutting as it is clever. We revel in the darker side of comedy and witty self-deprecation is a national pastime. Here on Volta we've got a great selection of Irish black comedy (as if there's any other kind).


Beyond Convention

Similarly to any other form of art film adopted a range of codes and conventions that audience unwittingly learns to recognize and read. Although we enjoy the familiarity and predictability of genre films, the most thrilling and rewarding cinematic experience arises from subverting our expectations. This collection of films showcases filmmakers who, by transgressing and rebelling against stylistic and narrative conventions, challenge us - the viewers - and our notion of cinema.     

The Best Documentaries of 2016

In 2016 we’ve added a variety of documentaries to Volta including two shortlisted by The Academy in the Best Documentary category, Gianfranco Rosi's Fire at Sea, a deeply moving portrait of the Italian island Lampedusa its people and refugees arriving at its shores and Weiner, a fascinating look at the disgraced politician Anthony Weiner as he made a bid for the New York mayor to eventually withdraw following the sexting scandal.